multistorm's Journal

candy clouds of lullaby
I have lots of stuffed animals. I sometimes snuggle with one as I sleep. I have no favorite color because I love them all. I have 3 cats. There names are Pepper, Ash, and Socks. I play video games. My favorite game of the moment besides Guild Wars is Kingdom Hearts. I collect trading cards. Most of them are Pokemon. I like to draw and color. I read books and manga. I love anime. My favorites are Sailor Moon and Blue Seed. Some people say I eat like a man. I can't drive, but I probably should sometime soon. I can be hyper and crazy. I can be quiet and lazy. I like the cute and cuddly. I like the dark and mysterious. I believe in faeries. I love Hello Kitty, My little Pony, and Care Bears.
Top Songs of the Moment:

1. Get Wild - Nami Tamaki
2. See Me in Shadow - Delain
3. You Are the Music in Me - Nami Tamaki
4. Real Emotion - Koda Kumi
5. PEACE(^^)V - BeForU
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