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multistorm [userpic]

My computer is seriously messed up right now. It has froze like 5 times just today. It hasn't froze that many times in one day before. I'm scared to watch any video or listen to any music on here. *tear*

There is no school today. It snowed a bunch. I didn't think that it would snow this hard considering that it didn't really snow last year. I'm glad about it though because my classes this year are extremely dull. I hate have too computer classes in a row. I think that is the reason I haven't been on the internet that much. I have been watching TV more because of it.

My friend BJ asked me to copy my game of FFXII on to his memory card. I did but I feel terrible about it. I spent so long getting to where I am. I still have a long way to go, but it just isn't right of him to get everything that I have for free. On the bright side, he will probably quit playing it because the rest of the game has a lot of leveling up, collecting money, and licensing too.

I decided not to go to college now. The only reason I was going to go was to please everyone else. I realized that it doesn't matter what they think. If I am not happy, what is the point?

Chris and I are going to save up money to buy a double wide trailer instead of building a house. Nobody is helping him with the house like they promised. Trailers are so nice now! I'm excited.

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T___T tell your computer to stop being sick

I did and it stopped messing up! ^_^ YAY!